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Mississippi Accident Attorneys Explain the Allegations They Raise in Personal injury Complaint

If your automobile accident or personal injury case has arrived at a point at which negotiations have not resulted in an acceptable settlement offer and a lawsuit must be filed, your attorney will begin the lawsuit by filing a complaint against the party or parties whose negligent acts of omissions caused your injuries and damages. […]

Mississippi Accident Attorneys Discuss How to Resolve Your Automobile Accident Case

When a client retains a Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorney, the client and the attorney enter into what is called the attorney-client relationship. Like all relationships, the attorney-client relationship is a two-way street. You pay your attorney, and they spend their time and energy working on your behalf towards a resolution of your automobile accident case. […]

Mississippi Accident Attorneys Describe Documents Involved in Accident Cases

When you work with a Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorney, there will be quite a few documents that are involved in the preparation of your case. While some documents, such as demand letters, are prepared by attorneys, other documents, such as some of those that are involved at the beginning and the end of a case […]

One Dead, Two Injured in Saucier, Mississippi Crash

Jennifer Stapel, an 18 year old college student at Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Community College, was driving herself and her friend, Brianna Medina, 19, back to the school’s Perkinston campus after a night spent watching a movie in Gulfport.  After this, Stapel remembers nothing.  Stapel woke up at Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, suffering from a broken […]

Wintry Weather Causing Hazardous Conditions on Mississippi Roadways

This past winter, the questions has often been posed: will this winter weather ever end?  Mississippi has seen an unprecedented amount of ice, snow, and wintery mix thus far this winter, and it seems the end is not yet in sight.  This inclement weather has caused numerous accidents, some fatal, and many closures of roads […]