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Dangerous Defects: Nissan and Toyota Recall Over 700,000 Vehicles

Drivers of Nissan Infinite M sedans and Toyota Sienna minivans, beware!  These vehicles are part of a mass recall by their manufacturers because they contain defects that could, and have in some cases, cause serious accidents.  Here is a look at the recall broken down by vehicle: Nissan Infinite M Sedan Nissan has announced the […]

Mississippi Legislators May Consider Requiring Seat Belts on School Buses

As early as 2014, Mississippi lawmakers might debate whether to require installation of seat belts on all school buses.  Currently, Mississippi’s seat belt law only applies to school buses and other vehicles that carry 15 or fewer passengers.  The law requires all people in the front seat and those up to the age of seven […]

Unusual Accidents on Mississippi Roadways

Although automobile accidents may be the most common accident to occur on the roadways, recent headlines highlight the more bizarre types of accidents that can and do occur. For instance, just this past week, a New Orleans bound Amtrak Train collided with an 18 wheeler tractor trailer in Holmes County.  Amtrak spokespersons said the train […]