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Mississippi Workplace Injury Attorneys Discuss Woodchipper Accidents

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A Mississippi man recently died in a woodchipper accident while he was at work. The man was trying to clear a jam in the machine, and the machine began to move while he was doing so. Last year, a North Carolina teen died in a woodchipper accident during his first day at work. Woodchippers are […]

Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorneys Discuss Accidents Involving Wildlife

Mississippi car accident lawyer

Many people love animals, and they know that if they ever hit an animal with their car, they would feel quite upset.  Unfortunately, in addition to being upset, they could also be severely injured or even killed. Some people are not fully aware of the likelihood of serious injury or death in an accident involving […]

Mississippi Automobile Auto Attorneys Urge Drivers to Use Care on Dangerous Stretches of Road

Mississippi car accident lawyer

In some places, certain stretches of the road become notorious for being the sites of many accidents. While road construction has evolved considerably over time, there are still some places where the design of the road poses a higher risk to motorists in some locations than in others. One area where there have historically been […]

NFL Concussions Settlement – Opt In or Out?

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Giddens Law Firm is pleased to announce we’re having great success in processing our players through the NFL settlement.   For those players who are representing themselves, the simple answer is don’t do it. Giddens Law Firm has a team of NFL Concussion Attorneys who will evaluate your claim, and make sure you are processed […]

Mississippi Car Accident Injury Attorney Discusses Single Car Accidents

Mississippi car accident lawyer

A recent single-vehicle accident in Hinds County claimed the life of one woman. The crash happened in the afternoon when the driver lost control of her vehicle and hit some trees that were near the road. Unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle was not wearing her seatbelt, and she was ejected from the vehicle. Unfortunately, […]

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Explains Settlement Offers

If you were hurt in a car accident or some other type of accident, you may be surprised to receive a settlement offer from an insurance company soon after your accident. In fact, you may feel relieved that the insurance company appears to be willing to settle your claim quickly and without issue. Unfortunately, all […]