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Mississippi Accident Lawyer For Tread Separation, Tire Failure, Defective Tire Accidents

car accident attorney

It is an unfortunate fact that many defective products, such as some types of tires, have the potential to cause significant injuries that result in serious harm and even death.  Injured or deceased victims who suffered at the expense of defective tires should have the opportunity to have their voices heard, seeking to hold tire […]

The Dangers of Distracted Driving in Mississippi

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There are many different behaviors that fall within the classification of distracted driving, including texting and driving, which is very well-known, and using a cell phone, with or without a hands-free device.  However, many other behaviors lead to a loss of focus on the road, which may have devastating consequences for the driver, passengers, and […]

Mississippi Auto Accident Lawyer Shares Tips for Staying Safe After a Crash

Mississippi car accident lawyer

Tips for Staying Safe After a Crash by an Experience Automobile Accident Attorney in Mississippi A woman survived a car crash, only to die moments later when she got hit by a pickup truck. The accident occurred when a car turned left in front of an oncoming vehicle. The car that caused the wreck went off […]

Mississippi Workplace Injury Attorney Talks about Fire Truck Accidents

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In September, one firefighter died, and two others were seriously injured when a fire truck rolled over while the driver was responding to an emergency call. The accident occurred along a sharp curve in the road that area residents recognize as a dangerous location. Multiple accidents have occurred along that stretch of road in recent […]

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Accidents Involving Trains

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A recent early morning accident in Columbus claimed the life of one person when a pickup truck collided with a train. The truck was headed westbound when it hit the train on the tracks at the intersection of 21st Street and Main Street. Skid marks at the accident scene show that the truck skidded for […]

Mississippi Birth Injury Attorneys Explain What They Do

Mississippi Birth Injury Attorneys

Mississippi Birth Injury Attorneys Explain What They Do You already know that the hours of labor and delivery that a mother and child experience as part of the birth process are a journey that is unlike anything else that they will ever experience in their lives. During the unique experience of labor, delivery, and birth, […]

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney Talks About Treestand Accidents

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Mississippi offers a variety of hunting opportunities for many types of game. Hunting is a popular pastime for both Mississippi residents and visitors alike. Many hunters use treestands when they hunt, but what hunters may not realize is that treestand accidents are the number one cause of injury for hunters. Several treestand accidents have already […]

UPS and FedEx Ground Delivery Truck Accident Claims Lawyer in Mississippi

UPS and Fedex delivery truck accident claims lawyer.

Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorney Talks about UPS and FedEx Ground Delivery Truck Accidents in Mississippi A woman died after getting hurt in a crash involving a UPS truck. The wreck also injured four other people. The crash happened at an intersection, and the impact pushed both vehicles, an SUV and a UPS truck, to the […]

Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Warns of Dangerous Construction Work Zones

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Warns of Dangerous Construction Work Zones

Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Warn Riders about Construction Work Zones Summer is road construction season, and everyone must watch out for work zones while they are driving. It takes lots of work to keep all of those miles and miles of roadways in good condition, and much of that work gets scheduled during the summer […]

Mississippi Truck Accidents Involving Hazardous Materials

Truck Accident Lawyers in Mississippi

Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys Discuss Truck Accidents Involving Hazardous Materials A man lost his life in a chain-reaction accident involving a tractor-trailer, a motorcycle, and two other vehicles. The man who perished in the wreck was riding a motorcycle when he got hit by a tractor-trailer as it left the westbound lanes of the highway […]