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Mississippi Birth Injury Attorneys Discuss Stillbirths

Sometimes, an expectant mother carries her baby until it is close to the time that they are expected to be born, only to have them die before or during delivery. When a baby dies at any point in time after the twentieth week of a pregnancy, the baby is considered stillborn. Most babies who are […]

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys Want You to Know All About Settlement Offers

If you were hurt in a car accident or some other type of accident, you may be surprised to receive a settlement offer from an insurance company soon after your accident. In fact, you may feel relieved that the insurance company appears to be willing to settle your claim quickly and without issue. Unfortunately, all […]

Mississippi Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Automobile and Bicycle Accidents

Drivers know that it only takes a split second of inattention to cause a collision. This principle applies to collisions with other vehicles as well as anyone or anything else that is in or near the roadway.  Undoubtedly, vehicles can collide with pedestrians, people riding bicycles, animals, or objects. When a collision occurs between a […]

Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorneys Discuss Accidents Involving Wildlife

Many people love animals, and they know that if they ever hit an animal with their car, they would feel quite upset.  Unfortunately, in addition to being upset, they could also be severely injured or even killed. Some people are not fully aware of the likelihood of serious injury or death in an accident involving […]

Zofran Birth Defect Lawsuits

More lawsuits are springing up around the country which allege that Glaxo Smith Kline’s drug Zofran caused multiple different types of birth defects in unborn babies when mothers took the drug during their pregnancies. The lawsuits have alleged to following types of defects resulting from the use of Zofran during pregnancy: abdominal defects heart defects […]

Mississippi Traumatic Brain Injury Resources

Mississippi Brain Injury Association The Brain Injury Association of Mississippi was founded in 1987 and serves people throughout the state of Mississippi. It is a private, non-profit corporation whose goal is to serve persons with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, their families, caregivers, and professionals. The Association is an affiliated member of the Brain Injury Association of America. The Brain Injury Association of Mississippi is a 501(c)(3) […]

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Canoe and Kayak Accidents

Warmer weather is finally here, and it seems like everyone is eager to get outdoors and have some fun. Mississippi is a great place to be outdoors, and the Mississippi river is a popular destination for many outdoor enthusiasts. The sparkling water seems like the perfect complement to the warmer weather and sunshine. Unfortunately, springtime […]

Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorneys Share Tips for Driving Safely Near Big Trucks

A recent accident on Highway 28 that involved an SUV and a log truck serves as a reminder that extra caution is required when driving near large trucks. The accident occurred when the driver of the SUV tried to pass the truck and bumped into it instead. The impact caused the driver of the SUV […]

Mississippi Medical Malpractice Attorneys Share a Big Picture View of Malpractice

Everyone needs medical care sometimes. When a person needs medical care for any reason, they trust the professionals that they are receiving care from to help them with whatever medical situation they are seeking help for. While most of the time, medical professionals do help those to whom they provide care, sometimes, they do more […]

Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys Discuss Accidents Involving Dangerous Cargo

Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious injuries and even death, and accidents involving trucks are even more likely to cause more injuries, damage, and fatalities than those involving only passenger vehicles. There are some trucks which increase the amount of harm that can result from an accident even more, because of the cargo that they […]