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Why No One Should Go Without a Personal Injury Attorney

The decision to forego retaining a personal injury attorney can be a costly one. The assistance of a knowledgeable automobile accident attorney is vital to the success of your claim. While the temptation to just accept the first settlement offer surely exists, in the field of personal injury law, rejecting that offer and securing an […]

University of Mississippi Among First in the Nation to Launch New Ph.D. Program Aimed At Helping Those with Traumatic Brain Injuries Recover

The potentially devastating impact of concussions and other head injuries has made headline news in recent years due, in large part, to the prevalence of these injuries amongst football players and military personnel. In light of increasing number of concussions each year and new research on the long-term impact of such injuries, the University of […]

New Technologies that Could Change the Face of Personal Injury Law

Currently, car accidents are the number one cause of accident deaths and injuries nationwide. While increased automobile safety has led to a decline in the rate of accidents each year, numbers remain high. There are an estimated 5,500,000 car crashes annually and over 40,000 deaths. Several new technologies in the field of automobiles hold the […]