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Theories of Broker Liability Involving Truck Accidents in Mississippi

Recently, truck accidents implicating brokers have become far more common and widespread throughout Mississippi. In the past, brokers were able to avoid liability by claiming they hired carriers on an independent contractor basis, rather than as employees. However, due to the fact that the primary decision to determine the best carrier for the job, as […]

Determining Fault in Mississippi Automobile Accidents

Liability and fault in an automobile accident refers to the responsibility and obligation of the party that caused the accident to make amends.  The burden of the party at fault is usually fulfilled by compensating the injured party injured for medical expenses or property damage sustained as a result of causing the accident.  Generally, a […]

Tips for Building a Successful Auto Accident Claim in Mississippi

Mississippi automobile accidents happen every day.  Besides automobile and property damage that occurs as a result, accidents can cause serious physical injuries, ranging from cuts and bruises, to traumatic brain injuries and even death.  When negligent drivers are the cause of such accidents, injuries sustained by the other parties involved can be held against the […]

Automobile Accident Wrongful Death Claims in Mississippi

Unfortunately, many people die tragically each year in automobile accidents on Mississippi highways.  Under such circumstances, survivors of the deceased, whose death was the fault of another, may be able to bring a claim of wrongful death under Mississippi law.  For a lawful action to exist, the deceased person must have had a valid claim […]